The negative prosumer. How to manage an online reputation crisis.

    Written by: Cristina García

    In previous posts, we’ve been talking about the prosumer and how we should attract them to generate quality content and its online spreading.

    What’s about the negative content created by the negative prosumer in our online platforms?  

    Our brands are now exposed to receive comments from clients and users via social networks and other online media. Comments received can be positive or negative, however both represent an exceptional opportunity to improve our service and to adapt it to the preferences and needs of the buyer persona. 

    Is it possible to avoid negative comments?

    We have to be honest; we cannot be loved by everyone. Thus, it is almost impossible to completely avoid negative comments. Our main purpose should be to foster positive contents.  

    Brand reputation analysis is a highly interesting approach for all the companies that are developing an online communication strategy. We need to find out which are our follower’s opinions about our brand. Further to this analysis, it is also necessary to determine our company positioning. How? Using monitoring tools, like Google Alerts, or the specific tools given by each social media network.  

    This can bring a double benefit to our company, no matter if comments are positive or negative, new opportunity areas and key service points of our activity might be revealed.  

    Remember!  We must be ready to accept bad reviews and, above all, know how to respond to them. A bad service will create bad reviews and all the members of your company are responsible for the quality standards offered to your customers.  Therefore, online reputation starts at the first step of the buyer’s experience.  


    What happen if a negative review appears?

    First, we need to give attention to each of the steps taken by the customer in order to post his/her experience:  

    -The user has an experience that wants to share. 

    -Customer shares his/her experience through online channels (social media and networking, blogs, etc.)  

    -The comment is shared by other users with similar opinions.  

    -The experience is consolidated on the website and finally searchers index this content gaining online visibility.

    In case that the mentioned process is regarding a negative review, we should take action as fast as possible to avoid negative reputation 

    Steps to be followed to avoid a critic situation: 

    1. Please bear in mind that this experience is created within your company. It is very important to look into customer care service offered during every step of the purchase process. Listen carefully to your customer and respond to their comments with caution. A bad response can quickly turn into bad online reputation. 

    2. Once a negative review has been published, you must manage each comment as it was a real interaction within your customer care department. Do your best to offer a useful response and be transparent. Remember that deleting or ignoring comments may not be a good idea.    

    The capacity of our brand to offer a rapid response must be one of our main purposes to avoid the sprawl of the negative reviews. Offer a response to all the comments, even if they are positive or negative has to be our goal.  

    3. In case that the negative review has been published and we have been unable to stop its online and offline spreading, we suggest you issuing an official announcement to stop the information. For this type of situation, it is truly recommendable to set up some guidelines to know how to proceed.   

    4. If the negative reviews have affected our online positioning, we must start creating positive content.  This may help to make a positive impact in our SEO's positioning. 



    What’s your opinion about the crisis experienced by United Airlines due to the incident taking place on board? Here you have an example of all the mentioned above. As you can see, the company CEO offered an official communication. 

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