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    The use of video marketing to differentiate the hotel chain

    Written by: Cristina García

    Whom as a child has ever felt attracted to the most colorful shop window with the best selection of sweets? Although we fantasized to try them all (with the very innocence of childhood) we could only try one. Obviously, we choose the one that caught our eye the most.

    Today, we belong to an audiovisual generation, our front window is certainly the Internet and video, the wrapper that draws attention to our product. Video marketing to differentiate the hotel chain is no longer just an option, but the rule.

    Online video is one of the most attractive and shared formats on the network. Viewing a video of a hotel before booking has enormous value. The travel industry has been leading other industries in the way it has taken advantage of the richest media of content marketing to attract and retain travel consumers.

    Video has also led to increasing conversion rates by up to 85%. For this reason, many hotel chains are adding an authentic, compelling and informative audiovisual content to attract travelers and to differentiate themself from other tourist brands.

    Travel products continually evolve and at a rapid pace. The hotel chains which realize this, constantly update their message. They use the storytelling of their videos to distinguish themselves from the competition and take advantage of ways to extend the reach of their story beyond traditional travel websites, such as social networks and mobile devices.


    The most successful chains have compelling stories that differentiate their hotels among various alternatives on the tourist market; not only at a brand level but also between different hotels.

    You can find an example of using video to differentiate in the brand Sol Melia. For every hotel line, it has produced a 30-second video that summarizes its values. You can also see a repositioning example through video marketing in Sandos Hotels & Resorts.

    Most consumers will be more captivated by a video rather than a text. Also, these users will feel compelled by the values that best define chains and which they can connect and feel more identified with. If we understand the needs of our users and we express them through our video storytelling, we will be able to engage them with our product and let them choose us and not our competition.

    With the use of video marketing we generate content related to a particular brand which allows us to connect with the consumer. The added value to these videos is important for differentiation between hotel chains. As long as we have worked in depth the branding of our hotel and the type of target.

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