Top tips to get more conversions on your hotel website

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    If you came to this post is because you have a clear goal: get more direct bookings from your hotel’s website. Well, you’ve landed in the right place, welcome! Below the top tips to get more conversions. Take a look!

    A modern and visual web that can be trustworthy

    Your website should be modern if you want your potential customer to trust you and book a wonderful holiday at your hotel. No one will give you personal data if you don’t have a trustworthy website or if it seems abandoned. It’s important you keep your hotel website consistently updated.

    Don’t forget to include https encryptions so your customers don’t hesitate about the security your offering when they are browsing through your hotel website.

    Another tip to get closer to your customer is by provide very clearly your contact details. They should know that, if they want, they can contact you quick and easily. They should know you’re available to them.

    Simplify the buying process

    The best web practices show users should be able to reach any point of your website in just three steps, i.e. in just three clicks. Make this easier for them, if they want to buy, why don’t you let them?

    Your “Book Now” button must be always visible, whatever the section of your website the user is visiting. Maybe because he is ready to book, don’t make him difficult to complete the purchase.

    Pay special attention to the fact that your site is responsive, i.e. accessible and adaptable to any mobile. If it is not, you are losing conversions, you’re losing sales.

    A responsive web design helps you get more conversions on your hotel website

    Bookings through mobile devices will reach a rate of 35% in 2018, according to Hosteltur.

    Content matters: videos, pictures and more video

    We are visual and very gossip. Your customers want to easily see what stay you are offering in your hotel. And even more important: what to expect from your destination. It is therefore crucial that you offer them quality content and value images. Focus on trends that define your target. 

    And what a better option than offering your location and your products in a video format!

    Video marketing improves your conversions rates and adds value to your hotel website. In addition, a visual web has better SEO in search engines like Google.
    Video marketing improves your conversions rates

    Don’t keep them waiting: reduce your web’s loading time

    As Internet users we have little patience. Your site should be fast when loading your information. It is therefore important to have an optimized website and to use wisely your images. If you want to improve your website conversion don’t keep your user waiting.

    Offer them a value proposal impossible to reject

    Explain to your potential customer why they should book in your web rather than through a tour operator. What are you going to offer? Be creative. Having a good segmented database of old customers and get to know your audience will help you succeed. Therefor they won’t dare to say no!

    Remember that a site must be kept alive for the user to trust and enjoy when navigating. We hope these tips will help you to get more conversions for your hotel.

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