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    The 10 most viewed travel videos of 2016 on YouTube

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    When talking about video and video marketing, the first association most people have is YouTube – the cradle for the majority of videos on the internet. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! And the visitors of YouTube count over 30 million per day.

    In order to advance the skills of video marketing, you need to monitor the trends of video world, and YouTube is a place to do so, don`t you agree? We present the list of the 10 most viewed travel videos of 2016 on YouTube.

    Together the top 10 travel videos received about 85 million views. From the 10 videos listed, three are from booking sites, three are from airlines, one is from an airport and one is from a hotel. Examples of excellence, here we go!

    The front-runner is Trivago, with its three videos being in the top 10 list of 2016 and one of them taking the first place. All three ads give a viewer a positive vibe through energetic music and active attitude of actors.

    The most viewed travel video of 2016 got 17,2 million views. “Find the Best Price on Trivago” is an Arabic Trivago ad that expresses the benefits of booking with Trivago.  


     An English version of this ad takes the fourth place with 10,3 million views. 


    Our second winner is also a video by Trivago – this time Japanese. Rating with 11.5 million views, the ad`s name perfectly reflects on its content - “Happy Dance”. The ad compares two travellers – at the same hotel and in the same room type. The difference is that one of them booked with Trivago, got much lower price and thus gets to dance a “Happy dance”.



    The third place is taken by Disney Parks with the ad “Star Wars Awakens Walt Disney World” that received 10.4 million views. The video features new experience of Disney`s Hollywood Studios - “a galaxy far, far away”, the paradise for Star Wars fans. The video is referring to the latest episode of Star Wars: “Awakening of the force”.



    Turkish Airlines have also showed excellent work – its two videos take fifth and sixth places of our list of the 10 most viewed travel videos of 2016. Both videos are made in a format of storytelling, focusing on people and both are relatively long (3:16 and 2:57 min); however, the stories themselves are very different.

    The first one is a story from a new blog by Turkish Airlines – “Delightful stories”. It tells us about Derek Rabelo - a blind surfer from Rio de Janeiro, who, despite all difficulties and disbelieves, fulfilled his and his father´s dream and became a professional surfer. It is an inspiring story of a unique person of strong will and determination that doesn`t leave anyone indifferent. No wonder the video has 9.1 million views.



    Another story by Turkish Airlines is about 4 Balkans cities, where the Airlines fly to. It is accompanied by traditional Turkish music and features all kinds of attractions that can be found in the destination. The video got 7.2 million views.



    We have already mentioned Hilton`s largest campaign – “Stop clicking around” – in our post about 5 examples of excellence in video marketing. So no one is surprised to see this ad promoting direct booking in the top 10 list. It has everything an ad needs – smart and modern idea, professional execution and an iconic soundtrack “Satisfaction”. The video got 5.1 million views. Here is the longer version of the ad (the short version is around 30 sec).



    The only video from an airport in the list of the most viewed travel videos of 2016 is made by Heathrow Airport. This Christmas story, starring two adorable teddy bears was the most heart-tugging advertising campaign of the year. The video got 4.8 million views and a permanent place in our hearts.


    Boeing, Amazing! The video, featuring the beauty of Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner, received 4.7 million views and gets an honoured place in the top 10 list. We can all enjoy the view on the Boeing with techno accompaniment.



    The last, but not the least is the video by Emirates Airline, starring Jennifer Aniston. This TV commercial got 4.5 million views in YouTube and demonstrates the comfort of flying with Emirates through a dialog between Jennifer and a kid, who happened to be playing in her cabin.



    YouTube is a social media that allows us to start relationship with our potential customer through one of the most powerful marketing tool – a video. Emotions that can be created with quality content, image and sound will guarantee you strong engagement with your customers.

    So now we spoke of the 10 most viewed travel videos of 2016 on YouTube. We hope that you get inspired by these success stories and next year we will be listing your video in the top 10.


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