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Upselling techniques for boutique hotels

Upselling is a well known technique in hospitality, which boutique hotels can take great advantage from thanks to their...


How CRM can help you improve the User Experience

Use the information about your customers from CRM to improve the User Experience of your hotel’s website.

Tourism, CRM

How to boost hotel loyalty with client database?

Fuel your loyalty program with personal information from the client database and boost direct bookings by offering...

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From DPD to GDPR. The new EU General Data Protection...

A new horizon of changes and obligations opens with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR that you must...


How to succesfully implement a CRM for your hotel business

CRM is key in addressing the challenges of the industry and the demands of a customer. Here are the steps to follow to...


What hotels can do with their own website for 2018

Until recently, marketing a hotel was not a problem, but now travel consumers have different needs. So do you know what...

Inbound Marketing, CRM

Online marketing strategies to boost your hotel's direct...

Do you have problems boosting the your hotel's direct bookings? Does customer loyalty seem impossible? Know the right...

Inbound Marketing, Content marketing

Identify and get more potential customers for your hotel

As a hotelier, we know you want to get more potential customers. Increase the occupancy of your hotel by identifying...
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