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    New trends in video marketing for your hotel

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    85 percent of users are closer to make a hotel reservation after watching a video of your establishment. We do not say it, the latest studies do. And there is no doubt. Video is one of the most powerful tools of your marketing strategy. But today, it is not enough just to make a video and hang it on the Internet... We must evolve to adapt to the needs of our customers. We must stand out from the competition and get them to just look at us.

    For this reason, we present the latest video marketing trends for hotels. Proposals that will leave everyone bowled over and make them want to know more about you. Offer an impressive video that generates commitment and is unforgettable. But how?

    Cinemagraphs attract and retain audiences

    Cinematographs are a mixture of photo and video. In fact, it is a photo with one of the moving elements that stand out and draw attention. There is nohing more than an animation but with ingenuity, because the contrast generated by the movement in a photo is very shocking.




    Haven’t you been caught staring at the pictures? There are studies that ensure that a cinemagraph posted on a social network achieves 70 percent more organic reach than a normal post. According to the CEO and co-founder of Flixel, a software and film services company, a Panasonic Lumix camera banner joined 60% more than its static version. Other ads from the same company have achieved up to 80 percent more views in their cinemagraph version.

    No wonder. The cinematographic ones are moving images that narrate poetry, narrative in frames, feelings and sensations impossible to transmit with a static image. They are fascinating. Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck are the parents of this technique that was born in the end of 2011 in the United States.

    Video 360 vr, actually wrapped

    It is a new technique really shocking that moves an audience to a new reality. It is the closest thing to inviting someone to live a dream, a dream recorded by you. Let's go step by step. What is 360 video? It is a video recorded with many cameras, the more, the better, or with an omni camera. The intention is for the viewer to have the authentic sensation of moving to another reality by living a total immersion experience.

    A 360 video can be viewed through a normal screen, whether computer, tablet or Smartphone; But if we use a virtual reality glasses, the sensation increases a lot. It is a technique that allows you to play with your audience and interact with another level.

    YouTube was the first social network that allowed the publication of this modality, to which have already been added many others. In January, Twitter. Have you ever been to Dubai's Wid Wadi Water Park? Watch this video and enjoy.



    How do I know that my videos reach my audience?

    If you have considered the realization of a cinemagraph or a video of virtual reality, you want to be disseminated to the maximum. Of course, networks are a great ally for you, but they do not guarantee 100% that the video will reach your most loyal customers, to those in your database.

    Do not worry. The video email is a new trend that assured you that step and will help you to be trendy. Viwomail is a tool that allows you to embed a video with automatic playback. Your email marketing campaigns will succeed. They will be unique and stand out.

    This new technique is trendy in marketing. Why? The numbers corroborate it. 63 percent of people decide their destination travel a root of a video viewed online. Today, is no longer an expensive treat. It is your opportunity to stand out.



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