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    Guidelines for choosing a video marketing company for hotels

    By Anna Bramona

    If you have already decided to use video marketing to promote your hotel, we’ll give you some tips, useful criteria for choosing the best video marketing company for hotels. We want you to take the most out of this company and being able to choose the most professional one and the most suited one to your needs.

    What you should really consider when choosing a video marketing producer company for your hotel is experience, technology, security, and the final price. Let’s go step by step.


    Clearly, experience like everything else, is a degree. We advise you no to rely on your neighbor’s friend who have just started a production company, no matter how cheap it is. You know the saying –you get what you pay for. If you want to get a good video, a good advertising, focus on professionals, in an experienced company in this area which can solve any unexpected problem. Make a video production is not easy and must gather human talent. Everything must be tied up. A trustworthy video marketing company should take the following steps:

    • Conceptualization of a briefing.
    • Making a narrative script (a good storytelling is basic for a good video marketing proposal for hotels).
    • Conducting a technical script.
    • Designing its imagery (graphics and illustrations).
    • Recording.
    • Post production (editing, motion graphics, effects, voice over, soundtrack, translations, color correction...)

    The latest technology

    It is important for your hotel that the video marketing company you choose has the latest technology offering you innovation. It is essential to be working always in Full HD or 4K, also you should consider drone and 360 recordings, mobile, etc.

    Quality guarantees

    Before you seal a deal with any company, you should have some guarantees. A well-known company with experience and previous video marketing projects for hotels they can proudly talk about is always the best sign of quality.

    A tip: before close the price. A video involves many small steps and if the video marketing producer company for hotels doesn’t have experience, it will surely exceed the budget in any of the essential steps... And you surely don’t want any surprises.

    Therefore, we advise you to go to an expert company, a marketing agency with name, which can show you previous works... Perhaps humility is not one of our strongest virtues, but we would like to share with you some of Amara’s projects. Sure, you will love them!

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