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    What is the best distribution network for your video marketing?

    Written by: Cristina García

    The tourism sector has evolved thanks to the new technologies. This is a fact. Now traveling is easier for many and most tourism companies can find and attract their potential customer on the Internet.

    Now the world of mouth has become into hundreds of reviews and digital information. Hence, planning some holidays doesn’t start in local travel agencies any more, but in the various online channels. For this reason, creating the right content is not enough, you have to know in which format and channel to distribute it.

    Why is video the best format? 

    Nowadays travellers –when planning their holidays– are no longer limited to a single screen. These users move across different devices to complete different searches and actions in order to book their perfect holidays. And as you may know, video is the content format that users consume better on all these screens.

    In fact, according to Cisco every second, a million minutes of video content will cross the network in 2021. And globally, video traffic consumption will be 82% that same year. Awesome, right? The video will not only be ideal to seduce your potential customers, but also will be a key element in any digital strategy you will implement.

    With videos you can educate, highlight, entertain, move, and of course, sell holiday experiences during the traveller’s journey (dreaming, planning, booking) even before your guests arrive in their destination hotel. Do you know how? By using keywords.

    Keywords are those words that your buyer personas (potential customers) would write in search engines. That is, the travelling information they could be looking for. To attract visits to your site, you have to investigate their needs within the travel industry and categorize keywords based on the traveller's journey stages, that is, how close they are to book:

    • Dreaming (awareness stage): keywords based on consumer travel preferences in your area.
    • Planning (consideration stage) based on the different solutions, travel experiences and activities offered in your area.
    • Booking (decision stage) based on the purchase decision and therefore the options that your hotel’s brand can offer.

    Top YouTube and Google Queries.png

    You have to create an optimized video with the right keywords without neglecting the creativity. Consider making a list of keywords and also don’t forget to investigate the trends within the travel industry and other that could affect you, comparing searches for these terms on Google and YouTube.

    Each hotel should have a distinguishing offer and every buyer persona different needs. So remember to analyse search trends and your potential guests’ behaviour on social networks.

    And what is the best distribution channel?

    While it is important to include content in video format on your website, it is more important to distribute these productions in the appropriate channels. That is, social networks. More video platforms like Vine, Snapchat and Instagram have been appearing in recent years. Interesting, isn’t it? And social networks like YouTube and Facebook have been consolidated as powerful marketing tools.

    On the one hand, according to Google, 106 million travellers consume videos on YouTube, 64% of these watch videos when they think about a vacation. In addition, videos position well in Google and sometimes include rich snippets with thumbnails, which in the search pages (SERPs) can attract more than the content in text format, promoting the knowledge of your brand.

    On the other hand, video on Facebook can increase your followers’ engagement. To this day, there are more and more videos on your news feed. In fact, Facebook announced that the videos publication has increased 75% more than a year ago. This is because this content format is more striking than text posts, hence the implementation of the options of Facebook Autoplay and Playlist.

    As you can see, these two social platforms will be essential to distribute your content and reach your audience. In addition, both allow you to advertise. And now is when you’re wondering, what platform –YouTube or Facebook– is better to place your ads?

    Well, the best platform will depend on what your KPIs (key performance indicators) are. The ones you must establish before each campaign. Do you want your video to be viewed by as many people as possible? Then you must opt for Facebook, since you can specify your target and get a large number of reproductions. Or do you want to pay less for the quality of time watched? In that case the best option is YouTube, where you can delight your followers and get they’re loyalty.

    Keep in mind that, on the one hand, Facebook offers more time watched than YouTube when you take into account the automatic video playback. But the full display of your video has a higher rate on YouTube. This is because a 'view' of YouTube is counted after 30 seconds (or the entire duration of the video, if lower), while for Facebook are worth the first 3 seconds.

    And remember each platform has optimal video quality. If on YouTube the 16/9 format and full HD quality works think that in Facebook the optimal format will be 1x1, a square of 1200x1200px will work fine.

    Learn which kind of video you can use for your hotel

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