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    Advance the tourist experience. Tourism Video Marketing.

    Written by: Salvador Galindo

    Video Marketing is the best way to show emotions and advance the experience that tourists will have.

    Those non-millennials will remember that, back in the 80s and 90s, trips were just a dream. Preparing some holidays became a process of many conversations with family or friends, advices from other tourists who had already enjoyed the destination, travel guides or textbooks readings and even memories brought by TV documentaries (In Spain we just had one TV broadcast back then).

    Now that it is hard to believe. Because today we turn on our device and as soon as we write the name of our destination we have hundreds of photographs, pages of travel guides and experiences of travelers we never met. But certainly they cannot reach us as the experience that our former neighbors told us did, when they described, with bright eyes, how much their children enjoyed visiting Disney Park.

    The Internet impact and, especially, social networking is changing the way of communication in all sectors. Is becoming more and more important being part of these new channels of communication. Because it is not just about being fashionable but to understand the new decision-making processes of the consumer. The client has not enough by only reading a magazine or going to a travel agency, the client wants to know first hand the brand and what experiences can be expected of it before the purchase.

    Tourism sells emotions, experiences, passion, adventure... So video marketing is the best way to show these emotions and advance the experience that tourists will have. Thanks to the audiovisual content we communicate experiences, feelings and emotion. This environment offers endless options to attract and differentiate. Video becomes a key element to attract a demanding and infoxicated customer. Its application is essential when it comes to generate engagement with customers, sharing product information and proposing a scenario in terms of the previous generation of expectations. Ultimately, it is the art of telling a story, creating a magical atmosphere and emotionally connect with your customers.

    So it's clear that you can not ignore this opportunity that offers video content to drive your tourism marketing strategy. So, here are five keys on video marketing confirming the power of audiovisual content as a driver of sales and as an element of attraction for consumers.

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