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    How to Make a Viral Video

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    YouTube is the video platform par excellence, the most visited on the planet. Currently we got up and went to bed wrapped in technology allowing a video to become a global phenomenon in just a few minutes.

    Big and small companies do not live on the margins of this phenomenon. Viral marketing is no longer an open secret. Because, if it really works, it is an extremely economical way to advertise something with an unimaginable distribution.

    But where lies the secret for a video to become viral? Is there a magic formula? Unfortunately we recognize that no, it is not an exact science. What we do know and we want to share with you are 3 tips that can help you. Grab a pencil or write them on your mobile phone:

    1. The video must be of short duration and high quality. Two prerequisites. For short duration we understand no more than one minute and a half.
    2. The video must be a source of emotions and/or reactions. Should tell a story, creatively, but should also generate some predetermined feeling that we want to transmit or generate to users. This emotion or reaction can be both negative and positive... But what is important is that we should have clear what we want to tell or to cause.
    3. The video should have an easy access. How? Very simple, you should allow it to be easily shared and to be embedded in any website. So, it will travel comfortably and easily by different social networks. Remember that it is not enough to make a good video, you should know how to positioning it… and do not think only in Google. Youtube is fundamental. You can use Google Trends for trends search and choose the best title. Remember, the best. Do not settle just with a title.

    The viral videos are generating a very large business so, being a youtuber has not only become a profession, but there are people who really are enriching themselves.

    In this direction you'll find the topics most successful and top youtubers. We anticipate that music, gaming and sports content generate more visualizations. Pewdiepie is the most famous youtuber. Do you want to know how many followers does he have? Are you ready? He closed the year 2014 with ... 40 million subscribers!! Even though he is very young, we doubt that the amount of money that this business generates can be spent by himself during his entire life. Pewdiepie is the alias of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, a Swedish 26-year old dedicated to rise in the network what happens while playing video games ... According SocialBlade (page to view information and statistics reproductions videos) Pewdiepie has earned during the last year between 825,000 and 8.47 million. How do you feel?

    Pewdiepie is followed by many others who succeed through the game. But Holasoygermán, second in the list of the top, raises really funny videos about daily mood. His name is Germán Garmendia, he is Chilean and is 23 years old. His channel has nearly 25 million subscribers, plus the followers he has on Facebook and Twitter. In the list of the top there is also a Spanish. He is Elrubiusomg. Ruben Doblas, Madrid 24, besides being youtuber has become one of the publishing phenomena of the year. In just five weeks, he has sold 34,000 copies of the book Troll.

    If you really want to succeed like them, the most important thing is to really feel like it and to want to do innovative things... The secret of many great geniuses is precisely innovation. We don’t lack desire to work and a feeling of innovation! Now we can only dream that someday we’ll become famous youtubers, and hope we could tell you.[:]

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