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    Video Inspiration for increasing conversions in tourism

    Written by: Salvador Galindo

    The sale of trips has evolved in parallel to the changes created by technology in the sector. The customer is no longer limited to purchase commodities, individual standardized products (flights, hotels). A mature client is looking for a new product and makes riskier decisions: weekend getaways; products linked to experience and medium to long distance trips in emerging destinations. And this sale requires more trust: more information, more guarantees, more commitment from the supplier who corresponds to the risk assumed by the customer.


    The video is, without a question, a great way to win this necessary trust for the closing of the sale. Consciously or not, the customer knows that the video is much harder to “falsify” than an image or text, especially in small companies without great means. And along with a coherent job of textual and photographic content, video marketing acts like a welcoming red carpet, leading the customer to booking.

    Overtake the experience

    Definitely a properly developed audiovisual causes positive emotions in the customer. The rhythm, the language, the tone of the speech, the soundtrack and some intriguing images transport the client to the experience that will live once arriving to the destiny.

    B2B and B2C

    There is a tendency to believe that the video marketing belongs only to B2C world. However, with the right approach, it is an excellent cover letter in B2B environments.

    A great opportunity

    Yet, just a few online businesses include video among its contents. Why? Do they not know it? Do they not believe in it? Is not because of any of these reasons; the video is scarce because it has a difficult development and many tourist companies do not know how to succeed with guarantees while maintaining budget for other activities.

    Guaranteed conversions

    Yes indeed. With more than two and a half million of visits in the last semester, many businesses increase direct bookings on figures that reach 40%. This way, the investment is amortized in short time.

    What is your challenge?

    Double up your website conversion with video

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