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    Become known but never rest on your laurels. Learn to mesure your website.

    Written by: Antonio Andújar

    If you are someone who goes crazy with the issue of measurements of your website, here are a few tips that can help you. There are many tools to measure visitor traffic, as many as flowers in a meadow in spring. But relax, this short article may clear up you some of your questions.

    You know it, your neighbor knows it and the whole world know it. Google Analytics is the most used tool for measurement and analysis of web pages. Why? It's free, that’s right, but that's not the correct answer. There are many others free, at least during early periods.

    Google Analytics is a powerful tool and incorporates new features and enhancements regularly that help us discover number of important data as new visitors, returning visitors, for what content users are interested in our website ... It also provides technical information such as operating system browser, time spent on the web, bounce rate, traffic sources, geographies ...

    Even so, let’s not kid ourselves, there are many other tools that offer, not just everything Analytics offers but also enough to keep you well informed about the measurements of your website and that information will be useful to improve your business and increase conversion.

    So what offers Google Analytics that doesn’t offer the rest of the tools? Undoubtedly, it is very, very easy to use. Yet, it is an extremely complex tool that offers plenty of resources for experts and knowledgeable on the subject (even offers certificates of individual qualification). It is extremely popular and, you know, become known and rest on your laurels. Although in reality, none of this has made Google. It has become known and successful, a lot, but it never rest on its laurels.

    Google is an extremely dynamic company that surprises us every day with new ideas, new input, new products that can complement each other. A clear example is Google Analytics with Google Adwords. Its mission is to increase the number of visitors. And that, of course, is a great advantage over other tools.

    We have done a study, we have tested, we have analyzed, we have checked opinions with other experts on the subject and, finally, we propose 3 more tools, 3 alternatives that may interest you.

    1. ALEXA


    1. YANDEX


    1. CLICKY


    Do you want some advice? Use the ones you are most comfortable with but above all, do not stay just with one. Take advantage of all the Internet has to offer you without going crazy because having more than one platform allows you to compare data. Do not forget. SEO positioning is essential for your business. Keep your eyes open. Grab fame and do not rest on your laurels. Do just like Google! You will also triumph!

    Boost direct bookings by leveraging your hotels website
    Boost direct bookings by leveraging your hotels website

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