Web Push notifications: how to use it for tourism?

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    How are you communicating with your customers? By email, social media, yes, but have you already discovered the benefits that Web Messaging can bring to your marketing strategy?

    For brands that have established mobile messaging strategy, web messaging will seem familiar, as it has many similarities. The concept of web push notifications has been around for a while, but not many companies truly know the advantages it can mean for them. In this post, we will cover the following questions




    What are Web Push notifications?

    Web messaging is a simple well-known concept of communicating directly with the visitors of a particular website. There are different types of web messaging and Web Push notifications is one of them. Here are the main characteristics of Web Push:

    #1 It requires an opt in

    To send users notifications when they have already finished browsing your website, you would have to make sure they opt in to receiving the notifications first. Design an encouraging message that will motivate users to agree to getting the notifications from your website.

    #2 The notification can be delivered to current and past visitors of your website

    As the opt in is required for this type of notifications, a user has to visit your website first to agree to receiving the notifications. You can start sending web messages right after to your current visitors to thank them for opting in or you can choose to wait and to collect more information in order to design a more personalized web message.  

    #3 It can be delivered even when users  are no longer on your website

    This is one of the greatest things about Web Push notifications. You can send the notifications to those users that have already finished browsing your website. You can design a personalized message for users who took specific actions on your website. For example, if a user started their booking process but did not go through with it, you can send them a reminder that the offer is valid for a few more hours or days. 

    web push notificationsweb push notifications


    What is the difference between Web Push and In-Browser Push?

    As we have said, there is more than one type of web messaging. Now that you already know what Web Push notifications are, let us tell you about In-Browser push messages.

    In the core of In-Browser messages is the same idea of sending messages from your website. The main difference is that you can only send messages to current active visitors of your website, so the users receive your messages only if they are currently browsing your website.

    While it does mean limitations for web messaging, In-Browser notifications have a great advantage: no opt in is required, so you don’t have to collect the consent to sending the notifications.

    It is easy to see the difference between Web Push and In-Browser notifications when we’re looking at its equivalents in the world of mobile. In-Browser messages would be in-app push notifications that can only be sent to those users that are actively using an app. On the other hand, Web Push notifications would be mobile push notifications.


    Which one to choose: Web Push or In-Browser Push?

    Each type of web messaging has their strengths and weaknesses, and you would make the most of both of them if you distinguish these advantages and use Web Push and In-Browser Push for reaching different goals in a united balanced strategy.


    Web Push notifications 

    are best used for such goals as   encouraging customers to return to your website or giving an update regarding the status of their booking.

    In-Browser messages 

    are well-suited for guiding the new visitors through your website and influencing the navigation and user experience on the website and cross-promoting your content. In-browser push is a strong tool that can help you boost your conversions online.

     The main advantage of Web Push is the ability to send messages to those visitors that have already finished browsing your website. The great thing is that the notification would be shown over any other website the user is currently looking at and you can be sure that the message will be seen.

    web push notifications

    4 Ideas to use Web Push in tourism

    Did you know that travel and transportation mobile apps have the highest push notification opt-in rate? Good news for tourism industry and there is a simple explanation to it: tourism includes a great deal of planning and travellers appreciate it when travel companies care to help them organize their trips. Here are 4 ideas of how you can use Web Push notifications in tourism industry.

    #1 Itinerary updates

    If there has been a change in the itinerary of your customer, it’s only natural to use all means of communication so that the important message reaches its destination. While email notification is the most common way of communication, it is not the fastest one. Your customers will appreciate receiving an urgent message about the change of flight time or the change of check in time by a Web push notification on their desktop or mobile.

    #2 Exciting promotion

    Exciting is the keyword here, as people like it when the messages bring them good news they were hoping for. You can carefully design the configurations of push notifications so that your customers set the parameters. For example, it can be a price range of a hotel room. The more power you give your customer to control the type of notifications, the more appreciation and trust you get from them.

    #3 Helpful information about destination

    Imagine you’re sitting in an office, it’s cold and rainy outside, and you are thinking about your upcoming holiday in Mallorca, and then you see the push notification that shows you the weather in Mallorca: +30C and sunny. Wouldn’t it make you even more excited about your trip?

    You can include some information about the upcoming events in the destination or some helpful tips about where to go and what to do. Be careful though not to overload your customers with information. Design a perfect strategy that will give travellers just the right amount of messages to get excited and happy.

    #4 A friendly reminder of a reservation to be made

    There are so many distractions in the internet and more than often customers stop in the middle of their booking process, distracted by social media, a text message or anything else. It is so easy to forget where they were and start with another task. Those visitors are lost clients and Web Push messages can be a perfect way to help people pick up where they left off.


    There are many ways you can use Web Push to improve the communication with your customers. The most important thing to remember is that your messages should always add value to customers. If travellers have already booked with you and you know their interests, offer them valuable options to make their trips more memorable. If you want to explore more options for upselling software, we have just the right option for you! Use these tools in your marketing strategy and create long lasting relationships with your happy clients.

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