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    The 6 Ws of the workflows. Automation Marketing for your hotel.

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Do you know what the workflows are? And how can they help you with communication with your potential guests? Learn all...

    Automation is the order of the day, and not for the style, but for the practice and optimization of time. There are many manual tasks that can already be programmed with software. Surely you have heard of Automation Marketing, and now you should also know that the workflows fall into this group.

    There are many ways to work the workflow, but today we will focus on its function of automating processes to improve the performance of the hotel sector and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

    WHAT. What is a workflow?

    A workflow is the structuring of a series of tasks that determine what actions are dedicated to an activity or process, in what order they are carried out and under what conditions.

    An effective workflow should consist of three main steps:

    1. Decide who you include within the workflow. Which contacts in your database will enter to the process?

    2. Determine what goal you want to achieve. Increase your sales? Gather more information about your potentials?

    3. Think and design how the process will be and with what sequence the tasks will be carried out.

    WHEN. When to use workflows?

    Workflows are used to automate processes. A workflow will help you to be unconcerned and not have to be aware when you have to perform various tasks and their consequences.

    For example, when you need to schedule the sending of an email, after this, sending others by the comment received by the recipients (for example, as done click or not on the CTA of the first email), workflow will split your contact list according to your conditions. And so with as many actions as you want.

    If you think that, for example, Mr. Smith is not interested in this information, then, don’t send it again! Try other content. Instead, maybe this same user has been interested in some specific articles of your blog. Then offer more information about it!

    A good CRM that includes workflows allow you to work in a simple and fast all these premises.


    WHERE. Where to use workflows?

    There is lots of software that allows performing workflows but, considering the activity of a development center, the ideal is to have this type of tool included in a powerful CRM.

    For example, HubSpot is a CRM that has the option of workflows. By having the tools of a CRM integrated with the workflows, the possibilities that are presented are endless, since you will only have to create the sequence of tasks and their premises. The CRM itself will be in charge of managing their contacts according to the indicated conditions. It couldn’t be easier.

    WHY. Why use workflows?

    It is a way to work with many processes at the same time, avoiding manual errors and, of course, saving a lot of time.

    But in the end, the most important thing is that the workflows will allow you to offer a more personalized communication to the contacts in your database, avoiding sending the repetitive information that you already know that does not interest them.

    The content has long since ceased to be simply called by its name to the user. Now we must offer the right content, at the right user and at the right time. We must understand in which cycle the custom is and offer him or her information of interest and valuable.

    WHO. Workflows’ advantages for tourism sector.

    The tourism sector is one of the sectors that can get more out of automation workflows. The portfolio of contacts of a hotel is usually very wide and changing.

    In this context, it is very difficult for an administrator to continue to maintain a personalized communication and thought for each user. Workflows (and, of course, CRM) help keep these conversations from you to you with the user, without losing quality in the relationship and offering immediate answers. Think that workflows have no schedule; they are working 24 hours a day for you.

    HOW. How to use the workflows? The Lead Nurturing.

    As we have already said, one of the objectives of working with workflows is the satisfaction of users by sending personalized content and suited to their interests.

    By personalizing and contextualizing the content we are working the Lead Nurturing, a process that consist on building relationships with users during their purchase cycle, regardless of what stage of the buyer’s journey is in.

    workflows hubspot.png

    How can you create leadership in Automation Marketing? The options are endless, as many as your ingenuity and your CRM software or workflows allow. For example:

    - You can automatically leave customized responses based on the content that the user is downloading or reading on your blog.

    - Or automate an action for the future. For example, Mr. John has downloaded a travel guide from your city. You can leave it programmed that, after two days of this download, you will sent him an email with an offer about it.

    - Automate one or another task taking into account certain criteria. For example, users who have clicked on this link and/or have received this particular email, will receive a free guide on the destination in their email.

    Your contacts want an immediate response and you must give it to them. How? Today we have given you several clues for this, take them!


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