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    Dunas Hotels & Resorts website and UX case study

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    Internet evolves every single day. Users, on the other hand, change the way of surfing the Internet and the way of consuming digital content. So, it’s logical to think that the websites of companies cannot be static or enduring eternally.

    From time to time you need to redesign your website, give it a change of style and adapt it to your target. For this it is imperative that you know your buyer personas (your ideal audience). You have to keep in mind that your target can evolve over time, so before doing a redesign of your web you must ask yourself this question: ‘Are my buyer personas still the same?’

    Today we show you the case study of Dunas Hotels & Resorts. Amara’s team has recently been in charge of the web redesign of this Canarian hotel chain and the optimization of the experience of its users, both in the web navigation and in its booking engine.

    The advantages of redesigning a website

    Who doesn’t like a change of scenery? This web redesign is a breeze of fresh air for the users. A tool as important for hotels as it is its website should be brought up to date with positive results if you rely on a good team specialized in digital marketing and web design.

    Dunas Hotels website

    With the website redesign, Dunas Hotels & Resorts currently welcomes its online visitors by showing a clean and very clear website with blank spaces. This way, users can consume the information that interests them comfortably and easily. What improvements do you get with a web redesign?

    Responsive web. One of the most important changes that the website of Dunas Hotels experienced with its redesign was its transformation to responsive design. That is to say, after the change, Dunas Hotels has an online platform navigable and optimized to perfection to be visited from any mobile device, including also the booking process.

    Responsive design - Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

    Loading time optimization. Think that you website must be optimized so that its loading time is as fast as possible. This means working very carefully all the elements that make it up, including your videos and images. Internet users expect a quick response and will not wait for a web that takes several seconds to load their options.

    Structure of content. Content is one of the fundamental parts of your website. And not only for the user to easily consume the information that you offer, but also for a correct SEO positioning. Amara restructured the content of the old Dunas Hotels & Resorts website, finding a way to simplify user navigation.

    Adaptation according your consumer. The new website of Dunas Hotels is designed for the new Internet users, with their habits of navigation and reservation of stays.

    The importance of UX for web browsing

    What is UX? It is the process of deciding which content and elements you will include in your website, how they will be designed and where they will be located. Hence the user finds what he’s looking for in the fastest and easiest way possible. In short, you have to put yourself in your user’s shoes.

    In this post you can learn what the user experience consists of and why it is so important for your website.

    For example, the redesign of the Dunas Hotels website included the simplification of its main menu. Now you are offered four unique options, as you can see in the image. The user understands at a first glance what information will be offered by the Dunas Hotels website and where to find it.

     Optimized menu for the new Dunas Hotels & Resorts website.

    Optimization and UX also in the booking engine

    From the first moment Amara knew that the new website of Dunas Hotels & Resorts had to be focused on direct booking. Therefore, the user finds the booking engine as the first element, both in the Home and in any of the other page. Always in the foreground. Because you never know when the user can be prepared to book!

    New redesigned booking engine of Dunas Hotels & Resorts website.

    With the redesign of the website of Dunas Hotels & Resorts, its booking engine was radically improved, also in its UX. These are some of the improvements that Amara participated in to change for the better the user experience during the reservation process:

    Smart calendar. ‘Are you flexible on dates?’ This is one of the options that currently attracts more guests. If they are only in the research stage of their buying cycle, why not offer them the best price dates? Maybe that’s how they decide to extend their vacation for a few days! Offering a smart calendar to your potential guests will enhance their experience during the booking process.

    Upselling. The booking engine of Dunas Hotels & Resorts now has the upselling process. When Dunas guests make a direct booking on the website, at the end of the purchase process they are offered the option of improving their stay with various extras. This option is customizable and the hotel can choose and modify the products and prices.

    Fast and clear booking process. Currently, the booking process in Dunas Hotels & Resorts is quick and simple. The user is not asked for more information than is needed and the fields are clearly distributed and organized.

    Dunas Hotels & Resorts booking engine.

    Change in the number of rooms. In the redesign, Amara proposed to add in the booking engine the option of No. of rooms. It is a way to personalize the stay of the guest as much as possible, since they will be offered the option of deciding how many rooms they will be distributed in and who will be staying in each one of them. For example, in room no. 1 two adults and one child will accommodate and in room no. 2 one adult and 1 child.

    It is important to evolve at the same time as your customers do. Staying stuck is not an option in the online world. Does your website need a redesign?


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