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    Facebook Ads, a different way to advertise your hotel

    Written by: Mar Reguant

    We suppose that, if you have followed our previous posts, you already have your own Facebook page to promote your hotel. Still don´t? There’s no problem! This post will definitely convince you to create it!

    We would like to show you how you can optimize your presence in Facebook. As you already may know, and according to the 2017 Social Network research made by IAB SPAIN, 99% of social media users know of Facebook and 91% of them are Facebook users.

    That being said, why not announce your hotel on this social media? We show you how to do it using Facebook Ads, a marketing tool that, if implemented correctly, will help you to successfully launch an announcement for your campaign, keeping the social nature of the network.

    Why do we advise you to use Facebook Ads?

    1. Microsegmentation. Facebook tools will help you to deliver your advert to the right public, as it allows you to update your data base and segment your audience by age, gender, language, interests and likes.

    2. Spread your content. Being an announcement tool, it is based on the nature of social network. It supposes that your own followers will spread your contents to their friends.

    3. Analytics. Facebook has its own analytics tools, which is similar to Google Analytics. This will help you to follow up your results in real time.

    4. Depending on the advert type chosen and your goals, Facebook Ads will allow you to increase your traffic for a medium cost.

    How can you do it?

    First of all, and as we always remind you, you should plan your campaign accordingly, settle your goals and your target. 

    Find below, for the main objectives, the most common actions that you can do on Facebook:

    1. Content dissemination.

    Promoted Posts y Content Ads. Your post will appear on your target's news feed.


     Logout experience. Image that will appear once the customer makes the log out from Facebook.  It has one day duration and the segmentation could only being made by country.  

    2. Increase your audience.

    Like Ads y Sponsored Stories. Achieve more fans. Those posts appear on your target news feed as posts that some of your friends liked.

    3. Link and app download.

    App Ads and Sponsored Stories.


    4. If you want to get event registration.

    - Event Ads.                   

    5. Leads.

    Facebook Exchange is based on retargeting. If the customer has previously visited your site, and then visits his Facebook, he will find it as suggested content.

    Once you have decided the goals you want to achieve, you should start working on it!  The tool offered by Facebook is very user-friendly and will allow you to easily create campaigns on your own.  

    Moreover, Facebook Ads offers you the possibility to join the new marketing online trend, which is a video marketing tool.

    What about the budget?

    First of all, note that the total cost of your campaigns depends on your goals and on your marketing budget. Basically, Facebook offers you two main options:

    Cost per Click (CPC): When your objective is to convert, this is your option. Facebook will charge you for each click done by your potential customers on your ad. The clicks are redirecting users to a landing page, for example - to your website in order to book one of your rooms.

    Cost per 1.000 impressions (CPM): If you want to get more fans, this option would lead you to achieve presence on your target users news’s feed. This option normally reaches larger audience than the second option.

    To sum up, Facebook Ads offers you a great opportunity to achieve your goals, keeping the advertising costs under control.

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