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    Five cases of successful online marketing for hotels

    Written by: Anna Bramona

    Getting to know case studies of online marketing campaigns is certainly a good way to learn. Today, technologies and trends fast forward and that’s the reason why we should ride high with breakthrough projects. Knowing what’s hot and up to date... And then we will see if we finally apply it or not to our business, but it’s important we really know what is going on within our sector. Do you agree? Well, here are five cases of successful online marketing for hotels. 5 studies worthy of mention


    As a pioneer brand in digital hospitability, AccorHotels has decided to lead their “feel at home since the first click” to an advertising campaign by conducting an unprecedented international strategy in Twitter. For the first time, a brand talked straight to their new Twitter users, welcoming them in a personalized way. For a week, from 4th to 8th April, AccorHotels.com sent a welcome message to new Twitter users who published their first tweet with #Myfirsttweet hashtag. In order to “warm up” this welcome, the brand decided to offer personal attention that evokes a stay in their hotel by giving those users a bathrobe embroidered with their Twitter username. This campaign was carried out simultaneously in seven key markets: Germany, Australia, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Later, the honorees had to upload their picture in that social platform. Hence the result:


    Find out more about this interesting campaign in America etbtravelnews

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts

    It has 1,270 establishments in more than 100 countries around the world and consists of brands such as St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Le Méridien and Sheraton. To enhance their brand Tribute portfolio, Starwood chain has leveraged Instagram and used influential people in the fashion industry. With this combination, it has created a fresh, fun, attractive and dynamic campaign.

    To boost direct bookings, they used photos uploaded by Instagram influencers. Users had to double click on any of these Tribute Portfolio (@tributeportfolio) photographs with #independentmoments hashtag. They then received an email with a direct link to the hotel’s website in order to make their online booking.

    Photographs uploaded in this platform were made in Tribute Portfolio spaces, featuring influencers in the fashion business. If you want to know more, go to this Skift blog post. 

    Hilton Hotels & Resorts

    Now we travel from Paris to the United States. We leave aside the glamor to focus on more humorous marketing campaign. Hilton developed a very, very funny campaign. Its name was Vacation Care Center and it was a content portal. Although today it redirects us to their home page, when it was in force it suggested questions such as: Do you need holidays urgently? Are you stressed out? The web even offered content on how to tell your boss you needed holidays. It also provided you with a calculator in which you were able to figure out the vacation days corresponding to you by year according to your collective agreement, or even offered you a recovery room with economic offers. Plus, they also created a Facebook and Twitter accounts with specific content. You will find more information and even the campaign video in this Hilton page.  




    On the other hand, the Marriot hotel chain launched a campaign focused on “minorities”. They used influential group of people, such as Latinos, to promote their products. Interesting, right? They also created specific pages on Faceboock, Twitter and YouTube.

    With #LoveTravels, celebrities such as Diane Guerrero, Diego Boneta and Boyce Avenue published their travel experiences and very inspiring stories. Here you’re going to find the LoveTravelsWithMe videos. And here you will learn about more detailed information on the campaign, which was analyzed by experts in marketing. This campaign included its own website and Facebook and Instagram accounts.


    Palladium Hotel Group

    On Palladium Connect website, this group offered the possibility of creating a project with them and, through an e-learning program, training their B2B clients who wish to work as partners. Thus, with a B2B format, customers can earn commissions on their sales, discounts on accommodations, points to spend in establishments associated by agreement to Palladium, etc. Palladium offered a different way to sell hotel stays, involving their own customers. The next tutorial is simple and fast. And it shows a funny video.


    The magic formula for online success doesn’t really exist. But clearly these successful campaigns are not random. Behind each of them, as simple as they may seem, there is a team of highly qualified professionals. No doubt.

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